Veyilsakthi Solar:-
Established in the year 2015, Veyilsakthi Solar has created niche amongst the big companies. We are a partnership firm and are engaged in the business of wholesale, retail supplier of high quality range of Solar products, projects and solutions. Our offered products are highly acknowledged by customers, owing to their optimum quality and affordable prices.

Our mission: To make Solar power a success and affordable for homes and shops, we achieve this by researching and making unique solutions suitable for solar power.
Veyilsakthi is a Solar firm based at Madurai. Our first exclusive solar show room was opened on 12/12/2019. We supply to clients across Tamil Nadu.

Veyilsakthi Solar is owned and run by Trained and Government certified professionals with dedication and determination towards renewable energy adoption, specifically in harvesting the abundant solar energy in Madurai area.



As a partnership firm, Veyilsakthi is managed by Ms.K Malarvizhi, a technical leader with proven experience in technology including Space missions and Large IT management for enterprises.

Our customers range from colleges, homes, commercial buildings, farms, hostels, toll plaza’s, temples to tiny huts in remote areas.

The office is completely running on Solar, not having electrical connection from Grid. We are currently researching in use of wind energy combined with solar power for more effective solutions.

Anything Solar – you name it, we do it. We have successfully serviced and saved the investment for our customers who have installed the systems but did not get support from the supplier.

We provide competitive price for a best solution. We guarantee maximum power delivered for consumption from the power plants we set up. Our choice and sizing of components are unique so that the customer need is focused rather than technology or brand. Solar Photovoltaic panels generate power when exposed to sun. But will the power reach end point of consumption without loss? When you need it? Tapping sun power to the maximum is a technique not many vendors have mastered as yet. We have achieved that uniqueness.


We partner with big companies to procure and bring the best solar product / solutions to our customers with and without MNRE and TEDA subsidy, at a very competitive fair price to our customers.

Join us to take the world to next era of Solar Energy! Adopt Solar! You can start with a small Solar kit for your home, today!